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Lawyers representing Britney Spears to quit the custody case

Law firm Trope and Trope want to leave Britney Spears, third in her custody case.

Lawyers representing Britney Spears to quit the custody case The law firm Trope and Trope was the third legal advisor to Britney Spears in her outgoing battle with ex Kevin Federline for custody of their two kids and now those lawyers want to quit on Britney. According to the latest reports, the law firm had filed request with the judge overseen the Spears custody case to be relieved as Britney’s attorneys. According to the filing, Trope and Trope says there’s been a “breakdown” in communication with Britney Spears that makes representing her "impossible" in the future. TMZ claims that the last drop came today, when the pop singer failed to show up for scheduled deposition.

 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have fought for the custody of their two sons for months now and if Trope and Trope is granted the request, it will be the third lawyer to quit on the pop star. She was initially represented by attorney Laura Wasser, who dropped Britney for similar reasons, then she switched to Marci Levine, who served just two days as her lawyer, replaced by Trope and Trope. Currently K-Fed has temporary custody, after Britney Spears defied a few court orders. Meanwhile Britney is still fighting a possible misdemeanor case of driving without a valid license with attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

 Published on 01/02/2008

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