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Online casinos open the New Year with big bonus offers

The online casinos are raising up the bonus offers for the New Year customers.

Online casinos open the New Year with big bonus offers Now that all celebrations are behind us and we go back to the everyday life, the online casinos are increasing their bonus offers in order to attract more clients, after the usually slow end of December. In January you will find plenty of bonus offers by many online casinos that will make your head spin. We will look into the bonuses offered by the most popular online casinos. Let's start with our most recommended casino - BodogLife (official website) where you can find that the bonus is 10% of your deposit, but not just on your first deposit, as it s the case with many online casinos, but on every deposit you make at the casino. This makes their bonus offer amount virtually without any limits.

 And to make the deal even better for the New Year, for a limited time you have the chance to win an Apple iPod, 13 of them to be exact. One winning hand at a time will be selected from the list of winning hands (beginning with four jacks and continuing in order to ten straight flushes). If you're the first person to be dealt this hand, you'll win an iPod touch. Once a winning hand has been dealt and a winner has been established, that hand will no longer be eligible and the casino will immediately move onto the next hand on the list. This will continue until all hands on the list have been dealt in chronological order, one winner per hand. In addition to the iPod prize, many additional bonus offers are available at the casino. Click here to visit Bodog and sign up (Canadian players not allowed at this online casino).

 Other online casinos also ante up the bonus offers. At the Golden Casino (official website), the bonus offer applies to first time customers and is currently $555. All players are allowed at this casino. First time players are eligible to receive a match bonus equal to 100% of their initial deposit, up to $555.00 absolutely free. To qualify for this bonus, you must deposit at least $25 using any of our secure payment methods then you will receive a 100% match bonus up to $555.00 free, as per the terms and conditions of the bonus offer posted at this online casino. With great bonus offers and excellent service, Golden Casino is quickly turning into one of the most popular online casinos this year.

 And to close up the bonus offers of the best online casinos, if you have played at the two casinos above, you can still catch a great bonus at the Vegas Casino Online (official website). Relatively new online casino, Vegas Casino Online is keeping up with the Joneses by offering $500 bonus to their new clients or 125% free. Vegas Casino Online accepts players from all over the world, without any restrictions, players from China and Turkey, however, are target of special bonus requirements and are best to check the website of the online casino for any additional reqs. All other players are also encouraged to check the terms and conditions of the bonus offers of any of the online casinos before utilizing them.

 Published on 01/06/2008

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