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Before the New Hampshire primaries Barack Obama favorite

A day before the New Hampshire primaries, the odds makers favor Barack Obama to become the next U.S. President.

Before the New Hampshire primaries Barack Obama favorite For months the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was favorite among the odds makers to win the 2008 Presidential Elections, but following the Iowa caucuses, all this changed. Another Democrat is now listed as the favorite to win the Presidential Elections at the end of the year at the online betting firm Bookmaker - Barack Obama, listed with odds +125 to be the next President of the United States. Democrats continue to maintain leadership, with Hillary Clinton coming in as second by odds with money line of +150 at the odds maker.

 Republican John McCain is now the favorite among the GOP presidential hopefuls, but coming third overall with big odds of +550 (meaning the bookie will pay out 550 on every 100 bet). The Iowa GOP winner, Mike Huckabee is now fourth with odds +600, slightly trailing behind McCain. Once leader in the Republican race and contender to Clinton, Rudy Giuliani is now at the low fifth, with odds on snatching the Presidency at +700. Mitt Romney continues to lose ground not only with the people, but with the bookmakers, listed with the whopping odds of +1100. At Bookmaker, Ron Paul holds odds of +2200, but beats Democrat John Edwards, who has the underdog odds on becoming the next President of +2500.

 In the U.K., where betting on the U.S. Presidential Elections is expected to surpass £10 million, the situation at the top is the same - Barack Obama is the favorite at the British online bookmaker Bet 365 with odds 5/4, followed by Hillary Clinton with odds 9/4, John McCain with 6/1, but in the U.K. Rudy Giuliani is holding ground, coming fourth with odds 8/1. Mike Huckabee is fifth in the Old Kingdom with odds 12/1, followed by Romney at 22/1 and Ron Paul with 28/1 odds. John Edwards is underdog here as well, with odds 40/1 on winning the Elections.

 For the New Hampshire primaries, the U.K. bookmaker Bet365 is favoring Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries with the absolute favorite odds of 1/12 (you have to bet 12 to win 1) and Hillary Clinton comes second with odds 6/1. The Republican primaries in New Hampshire find John McCain as the bookie's favorite with odds 1/7, followed by Mitt Romney with 7/2, Huckabee at 28/1, Ron Paul with odds 33/1 and Giuliani is again the underdog with odds to win the New Hampshire primaries at 40/1.

 Published on 01/07/2008

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