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Odds to win the 2007/2008 NBA Western Conference Championship

The latest odds on winning the 2007/2008 NBA Western Conference, the title remains undecided.

Odds to win the 2007/2008 NBA Western Conference Championship Unlike the Eastern, the odds to win the NBA Western Conference offer much more diversity and uncertainty. At the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, the San Antonio Spurs are listed as the odds favorite to win the Western Conference Championship at 9/5. But the Phoenix Suns are right behind the Spurs with odds 9/4 with current record of 23-10. The Suns are followed by the Dallas Mavericks (23-11), not only in the Southwest, but for the Western Conference, as well. The odds on the Mavericks to win the 2007/2008 NBA Western Conference Championship are now upgraded to 3/1, making them the third most likely team from the conference to get to the NBA Finals. As the fourth Western conference team comes the Los Angeles Lakers with odds of 4/1.

 The Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trailblazers are currently tied in the Northwest, but not for the Western Conference. The Nuggets are with odds on winning the conference title of 7/1 and the Trailblazers are listed with odds 10/1. Also with odds of 10/1 are the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz. Overall a very though conference this year, especially compared to the Eastern (follow the links below), but this only means that there are more chances for the bettors to come out big, come the playoffs. The ultimate underdog in the Western conference title is the Minnesota Timberwolves with odds 1000/1.

 Here is the full list of odds to win the 2007/2008 NBA Western Conference Championship, as posted by Bodog Sports:

Dallas Mavericks - 3/1
Denver Nuggets - 7/1
Golden State Warriors - 25/1
Houston Rockets - 10/1
Los Angeles Clippers - 100/1
Los Angeles Lakers - 4/1
Memphis Grizzlies - 300/1
Minnesota Timberwolves - 1000/1
New Orleans Hornets - 12/1
Phoenix Suns - 9/4
Portland Trailblazers - 10/1
Sacramento Kings - 100/1
San Antonio Spurs - 9/5
Seattle Supersonics - 150/1
Utah Jazz - 10/1 

 Published on 01/08/2008

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