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2008 Michigan primaries odds to win, McCain and Romney favorite

Five days to the Michigan primaries and the bookmakers have published the odds on the winner.

2008 Michigan primaries odds to win, McCain and Romney favorite The Michigan primaries will be held on January 15th and will be a little disappointing for the dedicated political punters. The odds on the Republican Michigan primary are already out, but unfortunately it looks like the Democrats will not be represented on the betting sheets, due to the boycott. Barack Obama and John Edwards have decided to boycott the Michigan primaries doe to the state moving the voting date to January 15th, but Hillary Clinton, losing Iowa to Obama, will be part of the Dems' Michigan ballot for now. With 156 delegates from Michigan, if everything goes without a glitch on national level, Hillary Clinton could gain an enormous support from such important state. If you bet Democrats this Election, keep your eye on the Michigan primaries - they could well lean the scales big time towards Clinton and Barack Obama may lose his momentum.

 But for now there will be no betting odds on the Democrats in the Michigan primaries. The GOP candidates, however, are in such a gridlock that missing Michigan (and the opportunity to campaign in a Blue State ignored by most top-tier D-party candidates) is out of the question. Born and raised in Michigan, and his father George W. Romney serving the state as the 43rd Governor from 1963 to 1969, Mitt Romney has the upper hand going to the primaries and is listed with the favorite odds on winning at +100 at the online sportsbook Bookmaker. But John McCain is well known and liked political figure in Michigan and he is in dead heat with Romney listed with odds on wining the state's primary at +105. Mike Huckabee comes third in odds with the bookie, listed at +400 and Giuliani holds odds of +1200 to win the GOP Michigan primary.

 Keep in mind that when John McCain ran in the 2000 Presidential Elections, Michigan was one of the three states he won during the primaries - the other two were New Hampshire and Arizona. Back then there was the war in Kosovo and today it's Iraq. Another interesting fact about the Republicans and politics in Michigan - Mitt Romney's father, George W. Romney, decided to run in 1967 in the U.S. Presidential Elections and was considered the leader to win among the Republicans. But in a taped interview George Romney declared: "When I came back from Viet Nam [in November 1965], I'd just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get. I no longer believe that it was necessary for us to get involved in South Vietnam to stop Communist aggression in Southeast Asia." and those comments may have well led to his demise from politics. Keep in mind that McCain is running on support of the Iraq war and the Michigan people will likely be reminded about those remarks made by Mitt Romney's father. Our opinion is that history may repeat itself and John McCain will win the Republican primaries Michigan.

 Published on 01/10/2008

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