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Britney Spears remains banned from visiting her sons

A Los Angeles judge refused Monday to restore Britney Spears' right to visit her two sons.

Britney Spears remains banned from visiting her sons Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled on Monday to keep in effect an order suspending Britney Spears' right to visit her two sons and keeping them in the custody of ex-husband Kevin Federline, after a day-long of closed door testimony. The judge listened to witness accounts of the recent incident, when Britney Spears refused to hand over the kids to Kevin Federline and led a standoff with the police until hospitalized. According to reports, testimony has been given by the K-Fed' bodyguard who went to pick-up the kids, the police officers involved in the standoff, as well as Kevin Federline himself. Britney appeared briefly at the courthouse on Monday, but never went inside and left shortly after. Neither Kevin Federline nor Britney Spears were required to attend the custody hearing.

 "The word victory is not something Mr. Federline or his counsel would ascribe to this. There is no joy. This is a grave situation for all," was the comment by Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, after the judge ruled against Britney Spears. Another hearing was scheduled for February 19th.

 Published on 01/15/2008

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