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Big Profits for Online Casinos and Online Casinos Game Providers

Online casinos have enjoyed unbelievable growth on the Internet in recent years, and this explosive expansion has come with much scrutiny and has created an incredibly crowded marketplace, as online casinos spring up left and right. But the current state of online casinos is healthy and ripe with new developments and news. The industry is always exciting despite mainstream society’s recent reservations.

The latest research on online casinos shows that there are still substantial growth opportunities in the online casinos industry in months and years to come.

Online casinos growth prediction parallels the predictions of other highly regarded and dependable surveys and studies conducted about the online casinos industry around the globe. Online casinos analysts have estimated that worldwide online casinos and gambling revenues were $11 bullion in 2005, up from about $8.5 billion in 2004.

The legalities surrounding online casinos, especially in the United States, are still debated.

But despite the potential surrounding online casinos, or the legalities surrounding online casinos, gaming firms continue to succeed in the online casinos industry and are seeing big profits.

A Canadian-based gaming firm hailed its second quarter results recently as a sign of health in the gaming sector, and announced yet another acquisition - that of UK-based free-play gaming site.

The results showed a 135 percent increase in revenue from Q2 2005 to US$10 million (GBP 5.2 million). James Lanthier, chief operating officer at the firm, said the company’s focus on European expansion and recent acquisitions demonstrated continued growth.

“Our profits are up significantly in our games and sports group," Lanthier reported. "The results are accounted for by both organic growth on the skill gaming platform and revenue from synergizing our two main areas.”

Lanthier reminded reporters that the firm acquired US-focused Fantasy Sports through its Skilljam subsidiary and signed deals with Lycos in Europe and Hasbro in North America (see previous InfoPowa bulletins). He said that skill gaming as a whole was gaining a higher profile through events and associations with other brands.

“We have distribution partnerships with high-profile companies such as AOL and MSN, and we have the first-ever million dollar skill games championship, the World Wide Web Games, the final of which will soon be televised. It is a great awareness driver. We are focusing on games such as Hasbro’s Scrabble, because people have a strong affinity to playing games with familiar brands,” Lanthier said.

The firm’s subsidiary software firm Octopi contributed to second quarter profits and Lanthier was pleased with the interest in Fun’s new multiplayer role game Poxnora. Fun’s mobile offering had also tapped into a growing market, offering a different demographic to poker and casino sites, he said.

Commenting on the new European firm as the most recent acquisition, he added: “Free games are a very important part of any provider’s games offering and allows us to introduce paid-for games to the audience.”

It is clear that the internet skill games industries are booming.

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