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Courtney Oliver: 10-year-old vet with college degree

 Believe it or not, Courtney Oliver got a veterinary college degree at the age of 10.

Courtney Oliver: 10-year-old vet with college degree The latest in the "believe it or not" segment comes from the South Bay Veterinary Hospital in Olympia, Washington, where you can meet the most amazing veterinary assistant in the country - Courtney Oliver. The amazing thing about Courtney is not that she is a veterinary, but that she is only 10 years old. Oliver completed an on-line college course in 8 months and is now working with the vets at the hospital as a certified veterinary assistant.

 Courtney Oliver says she knew early in life this is what she wanted to do, "I have a dog Maggie and two hamsters and I just though: ‘Well, if I have so many animals why don’t I just work with them?", the 10-year-old vet was quoted. State law says that she's just too young to work with the animals by herself, despite the college degree, but she has found a mentor, Dr. Michelle Shoemaker,  the mentor who stands by Courtney's side. Courtney Oliver, a 10-year-old veterinarian, what are the odds?

 Published on 01/31/2008

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