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2008 Super Bowl bets: Long list of props on the Super Bowl game

 With the Super Bowl 42 rapidly approaching, hundreds of prop bets are now being offered online.

2008 Super Bowl bets: Long list of props on the Super Bowl game The 2008 Super Bowl game is only a couple of days away and the online odds makers are breaking the monotony of the points spread and money line bets and now offer hundreds of different prop bets to their customers. If you are new to the prop bets - it's quite simple. Instead of betting on the outcome of the Super Bowl 42 (if win or cover the spread), with prop bet snow you have the chance to wager on various factors to occur throughout the game. For example, at the online sportsbook Bodog Sports, you can bet on which player will record the longest single reception in the game - Patriots' Randy Moss is the favorite with odds 3/1, followed by Giants' Plaxico Burress with 4/1, Wes Welker and Donte' Stallworth from the New England Patriots follow with odds 5/1.  Here are some more of the 2008 Super Bowl XLII player props from Bodog Sports:

2008 Super Bowl XLII Props, Plaxico Burress, Total Receiving Yards: Under/Over 75.5 yards;
Will Sam Madison or Gibril Wilson intercept a Pass? - Yes (+275), No (-350);
2008 Super Bowl XLII Props, Jeff Feagles, Longest Punt in the game: Under/Over 49.5 yards;
Tom Brady - Total Passing Yards: Under/Over 300.5 yards;

 The list of various 2008 Super Bowl players bet goes on an on, literally hundreds of them. You can even bet on a historical matchup, for example, most passing yards matchup Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII vs. Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLI, where Eli Manning is +6 yards underdog (Peyton has 25 completed). Or the most passing yards of Tom Brady in Super Bowl XLII vs. Tom Brady Super Bowl XXXIX, where the "current" Brady is 50.5 yards favorite (Brady had 236 passing yards in the Super Bowl XXXIX).

 Of course, the player prop bets are not your only choice. For the 2008 Super Bowl you have a vast array of team prop bets. Similar to the players' pro bets, you wager on an event that would happen throughout the game. For example, at Bodog Sports, you can bet on which team will win the coin toss, currently both teams offer -103 betting line. Or which team will score first in the Super Bowl 42 game, currently the Patriots are -165 favorite and the line on the Giants is +135. Another Super Bowl prop bet is which team will punt first, the Giants favorite with odds -170 and the line on the Patriots sitting at +140. Just like the players props, the team prop bets are over one hundred.

 The Super Bowl 42 prop bets are a great way for the punters to get some good action in the game. With the "regular" betting odds you don't have much room to work with, when it comes to a single event, such as the Super Bowl. But with the prop bets, no you can get a nice parley going for the Sunday game. And let's face it, the bookies have no way of knowing who will win the coin toss, so now you are really gambling.

 Published on 02/01/2008

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