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Punters take Hillary Clintons as underdog for the White House

Punters take Hillary Clintons as underdog for the White House Taking advantage of the underdog status Hillary Clinton has "enjoyed" in the past month, punters are flocking to make a bet on the Democratic candidate to win over rival partyman Barack Obama. In a surprised twist of events, at the online sportsbook Bookmaker, the most bet on event this week is currently the presidential race and the favorite candidate is Hillary Clinton. According to the bookie, the majority of the bettors who risk on a candidate to win the 2008 Elections favor Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, likely to take advantage of the long odds Clinton holds. Currently at Bookmaker, the odds on Hillary Clinton to become the next U.S. President are the worse they have ever been +385 (meaning the bookmaker will pay out 385 for every 100 risked). For comparison, Barack Obama, who is the favorite to win the White House bid, is sitting on -155 and John McCain holds odd of +140.

 The only reason for this anomaly is that the punters are taking the underdogs this week. The second most bet on event at Bookmaker is which party will win the Elections, and surprise, surprise, the punters favor the Republican party, underdog at +140, while the favorite Democrats are enjoying -170 and much less action. Among the Democrats alone, Hillary Clinton is underdog +300 to win the party nomination and Obama is holding odds of -400. Keep in mind that the bookmaker will be changing the odds very soon to reflect the betting action, so lock them in while you can.

 Published on 03/25/2008

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