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Is Dr. Phil getting a divorce - not likely

Is Dr. Phil getting a divorce - not likely The Internet has been buzzing today with the latest rumor that Dr. Phil is getting a divorce from long-time wife Robin McGraw, thanks to a short piece in the Globe. According to the paper, "TV shrink Dr. Phil makes a living dishing out advice to others - but now, he may be in need of some himself to save his own marriage - as insiders reveal he's flying into jealous rages over his wife Robin. GLOBE's sources bare the shocking details of Dr. Phil's marriage crisis."

 This two-sentence article stirred a beehive as many fans of Dr. Phil McGraw were shocked to learn that he may be getting a divorce himself, after helping thousands of couples to go through hard time. But so far the rumor has not been confirmed by anyone and according to a few articles, personal friend of Dr. Phil and wife Robin talked to the couple, who vigorously denied the rumor as not true. Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw have been married for 31 years and a divorce is highly unlikely. At this time Dr. Phil is not getting a divorce.

 Published on 04/12/2008

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