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ePassporte still claims technical difficulties in gambling deposits issue

ePassporte still claims technical difficulties in gambling deposits issue The online payment processor ePassporte continues to claim that technical issues are the reason poker players and gamblers from the U.S. are still unable to deposit funds to various poker rooms and gambling websites. Following the popularity of the alleged ePassporte shut-down rumor, OGPaper called the payment processor to inquire on the issue. According to a representative of the ePassporte's Account Holder Services Department by the name Anthony, the reason gamblers are unable to deposit using the e-wallet is due to "technical issues". According to ePassporte, the service was temporarily shut down in order to fix the issue, but it remains unknown how long will this problem persist. The ePassporte representative assured us that as soon as the problem is fixed, it will all be back to business as usual, including continuing services to the online poker and gambling industry.

 Despite our conversation with ePassporte, due to the lack of official statement by the company addressing the problem, we still urge players to withdraw their funds from ePassporte to avoid possible troubles in the future. If you are looking for a poker room which allows players to deposit money using various other methods, we recommend you visiting Bodog Life (official website).

 Published on 04/12/2008

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