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Illegal gambling ring busted in Boston

Illegal gambling ring busted in Boston Authorities in Massachusetts have made 14 arrests, following an illegal gambling and sports betting raid conducted on April 8th. The sting operation targeted 14 Boston businesses suspected in participation in an organized illegal gambling enterprise and the date of the bust was chosen as it matches the opening day for the Boston Red Sox baseball team, a day any illegal sports betting would be busy. “Make no mistake - this was not a harmless neighborhood lottery or sports book,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley in a press statement. According to the police, the illegal gambling ring regularly deprived players of their winnings when it suited their purposes and used an "enforcers" to collect debts.

 The prosecutors claim that the businesses conducted illegal sports betting and paid 60% of the profits to the gambling ring leaders. Jesus Reynoso, 44, of Roslindale and Victor Rosado, 39, of Mattapan are charged with operating the gambling ring. They were also arrested in the bust. Police reportedly tracked the men by hiding Global Positioning System tracking devices on their cars. All businesses face charges of participating in or permitting illegal gambling.

 Published on 04/18/2008

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