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Ratings Group Report Slump of Sports Wagers in Online Casinos

There has been reported a major slump in sports wagers being made in online casinos and sports betting websites this week.

Before the World Cup kicked off, bets were being made in record numbers. One of the largest companies who studies ratings in online casinos and sports betting websites say that the downward turn came after England had a poor start in the World Cup and then got knocked out in the quarter final round of the soccer competition being held in Germany at the moment.

Online casinos and gambling sites had been experiencing record numbers of bets being made, mainly from Europe and especially the United Kingdom. Gamblers in the UK love to wager on all sports events especially in online casinos and place diverse bets, for example how many corner kicks will be taken or what the sum is of all the numbers on the England shirts for a specific match. The Brits also like to make elaborate spread bets which online casinos and sports betting internet sites allow.

The analyst experts believe that the England soccer team failed to live up to their hype in the competition and with the added disappointment of Michael Owens's severe injury in the beginning of the competition, Wayne Rooney being sent off later and then finally, captain David Beckham's injury.

In the three weeks leading up to the soccer competition, online casinos and sports betting sites reported that they were getting record hits from gamblers but since England exited and in the final week leading up the their knock out the numbers of people viewing the gambling web pages decreased significantly.

Online casinos and sports betting websites reported that the peak came during England's second match of the competition when the teamed played against Trinidad and Tobago, and approximately 103 million sports betting and online casinos sites were visited. In the final week that England was in the competition online casinos showed that the number of hits in the sports sites and online casinos had dropped considerably to 83 million hits. The number of hits before the competition kicked off in Germany was 93 million hits.

These numbers are expected to dwindle even further as last night; Germany was knocked out of the competition by Italy. This was a significant shock for the host team who many experts believed would win the competition. Germans are also known as sports betting fans and are counted as one of the online casinos biggest markets.

The online casinos and internet sports sites believe that some people will be raking in very large sums of cash due to the unexpected events of the competition and many of the big guns being sent home early.

The online casinos will have made considerable amounts of money from the World Cup competition and a smaller proportion of people will be making good money from the online casinos now that the favorites to win are on their way home.

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