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Wesley Snipes facing sentence on tax charges

Wesley Snipes facing sentence on tax charges Actor Wesley Snipes is facing sentencing today on federal tax charges that could result not only in fines, but prison time as well. Snipes' sentencing began in a central Florida court and lasted the entire morning without a decision, while his attorneys are still arguing for a limited sentence. Wesley Snipes was acquitted of three identical misdemeanors and two felony charges of tax fraud and conspiracy, but he was found guilty in February of willfully failing to file taxes for three years, in which the government said he owed closed to $2.7 million, while his lawyers claim his tax liability was only $228,000.

 Even if the arguments of the defense are accepted, the actor is still facing a sentence in the range of up to 3 years in prison, plus fines. Wesley Snipes' attorneys want him let off with no prison and no fine, claiming the government's sentencing guidelines are far from fair for tax convictions like his. The defense says that until his conviction, Wesley Snipes had led an exemplary life and are asking for a probationary sentence. The Wesley Snipes tax fraud case became so "interesting", that a few online odds makers posted betting line on whether the actor will be convicted or not. A guilty verdict was favorite with odds 1/10.

 Published on 04/24/2008

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