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Casino mogul James Packer leaves Scientology behind

Casino mogul James Packer leaves Scientology behind Scientology has lost one of it's most prominent members - casino mogul James Packer. According to the latest reports, the media and gambling mogul, who had ranked as Scientology's wealthiest member in the world, believes he no longer needs the religion he was introduced to by high profile Scientologist and friend Tom Cruise, causing a big blow to the organization. Some suggest James Packer's expanding casino empire has presented issues difficult to reconcile with Scientologist beliefs - Scientology's founder, science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard, denounced gambling.

 James parker, who is currently Australia's second richest man, is the son of the late billionaire media mogul Kerry Packer, James Packer is the Executive Chairman of Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL), but unlike his father, he is focusing on expanding the business to gambling with the latest purchase of the Burswood Entertainment Complex in Perth, Australia, and online gambling, as well - PBL holds 50% stake in the online gambling firm Betfair. Packer also owns Melbourne's Crown Casino, Australia's largest casino, as well as allegedly working on casino projects in Maccau and Great Britain.

 Published on 05/11/2008

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