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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson to split up, rumors

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson to split up, rumors Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may be calling it quits with his relationship with star Jessica Simpson, rumors all over the net claim. At this point representatives for Jessica Simpson deny the rumors and claim the two are still together but a few versions continue to circulate the Internet. According to some rumors, Tony Romo has had it with the constant media attention the relationship with Simpson brings, as well as that the relationship is affecting negatively his game performance. Another version is that the Dallas Cowboys QB has a problem with Jessica's overbearing father, Joe Simpson, who not only watches over his daughter like a hawk, but has also began giving Romo career advice.

 Other reports claim that Romo and Simpson have simply hit a rough patch in their relationship and the rumors will blow over soon. On the brighter side, claims of a future wedding between Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson were recently fueled after the actress referred to Romo as her "future husband" in Glamour magazine. The relationship of the QB with the hot star would not affect his game, the odds makers claim, the Dallas Cowboys are still one of the top favorites to win the next Super Bowl with odds 8/1 at BodogSports.

 Published on 05/16/2008

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