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David Archuleta American Idol winner - Odds makers say "no way"

David Archuleta American Idol winner - Odds makers say "no way" Who will win the American Idol this year is the million dollar question and while we would not dare to make a prediction ourselves, the odds makers have. And they say that David Archuleta stands no chance against Cook this week, when we'll find out who the American Idols winner will be. The online sportsbook BodogSports has David Cook as a big favorite, listed with odds to win the American Idol at -250 (meaning bettors have to wager 250 to win just 100), while David Archuleta is the underdog with odds +170, which means the bookmakers will pay out 170 on every 100 wagered. This is a big change in the American Idol odds from just a day ago - yesterday David Cook held odds -230 and David Archuleta was listed with odds +160 at the same bookmaker. A sudden shift in the odds like this (without anything special having occurred) means one thing - the bettors are taking David Cook big time. Things are looking grim for Archuleta with the British bookmakers, as well. The U.K. online bookmaker Bet 365 has David Cook at -250, but David Archuleta is at +175 underdog. Bet 365 does not allow bets from the U.S., therefore it's a helpful odds maker to see how the rest of the world bets on the American Idol winner. Keep in mind that the odds on American Idol represent nothing more than a prediction by the bookmakers (although they are often quite accurate), so keep on voting for your favorite American Idol.

 Published on 05/19/2008

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