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I'd Do Anything: Jodie favourite to win the final

I'd Do Anything: Jodie favourite to win the final Today is the final of another British reality show, "I'd Do Anything", and your votes will decide who will star as Nancy in the West End, Jodie Prenger being the favourite of the three finalists. At the British online bookmaker Bet 365, Jodie is listed with odds 11/10 to win I'd Do Anything, but viewers votes will have the deciding power who will become the female lead in the musical Oliver. "My nerves are the same every week. My knees knock when I get on the stage, so it is a scary thing. I've never done anything like singing on TV ever before and I really hope I do win because I've wanted it for so, so long. I'm ready to put every bit of heart and soul I can muster up into it," Jodie was quoted by the BBC, the producer of the popular show. We are just hours away from finding out if "the biggest loser" will be tonight's biggest winner, you can still vote and place your bets on the show.

 But don't assume that Jodie will be the winner of "I'd Do Anything", she is facing stiff competition from Jessie Buckley, who is listed with odds 2/1 to win the final tonight. According to musical experts, the Irish teenager is as likely to win I'd Do Anything as Jodie and it will be a two horse race until the results are announced. Samantha Barks remains the "I'd Do Anything" underdog with odds 11/4 at Bet 365, far away from her two contenders. "I'd Do Anything" starts tonight at 6:00pm BST, the results show starts at 8:45pm.

 Published on 05/31/2008

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