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Euro 2008 Group B: Odds favour Germany and Croatia to qualify

Euro 2008 Group B: Odds favour Germany and Croatia to qualify Our review of the Euro 2008 group betting odds continue with the teams in Group B and their odds to qualify for the tournament's quarter-finals. First to mention that the four teams in Group B are the co-host Austria, Germany, Croatia and Poland. The odds used in the previews are courtesy of the U.K.-licensed online bookmaker Bet 365 and here is what the bookie offers on Group B. Germany, who is the favourite to win Euro 2008, is of course the favourite team to qualify for the quarter-finals of Euro 2008 with short odds 1/8, along with the team of Croatia with odds 4/9. Poland comes as third by odds to qualify from Group B at 7/4 and the underdog of the group is the Euro 2008 co-host Austria with odds 9/2. Austria is also the underdog to win Euro 2008 with long odds 100/1 and is 8/13 to finish at the bottom of Group B with the British bookmaker.

 In the Euro 2008 Group B is expected to generate the smallest amount of interest (and bets), the group forecast odds at Bet 365 make this apparent - the combination Germany 1st and Croatia 2nd in Group B pays out on small odds 15/8, followed by Germany finishing first in group with Poland second with odds 7/2 and Croatia 1st and Germany 2nd carries odds 4/1. Just for the fun of it - Austria 1st and Poland second would pay out 80/1. Visit the bookmaker to see all odds offered on Group B in Euro 2008 or follow the links below for other group previews.

 Published on 06/02/2008

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