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GOP wants Washington Gov., tribal casino deal, investigated

GOP wants Washington Gov., tribal casino deal, investigated Republicans in the Washington Legislature want an investigation into Gov. Christine Gregoire's negotiations on tribal gambling, which left the state without share of the profits. The gambling compact expanded tribal casinos without any revenue sharing with the state and now some GOP representatives are asking for an investigation, following the Seattle Post-Intelligencer report that the Washington Governor accepted campaign contributions from the Indian tribes. The Republicans are calling for a bi-partisan panel to investigate the gambling deal and if Christine Gregoire forfeited the state's share of gambling revenue - up to $140 million, in exchange for campaign contributions. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the tribes contributed as much as $650,000 to the Governor's campaign budget.

 "I'm offended. I've been Attorney General for three terms. I have a record of the highest public integrity," Gregoire defended herself, adding "The amount of money that has come to my campaign from the tribes after I've been able to raise about $6 million is less than $40,000...It's pure raw politics. it's the beginning of a very ugly campaign."

 In the light of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer tribal contributions report to the Gov.'s campaign, we should remind our readers - since June 7th 2006, Washington is the only state which makes gambling online a Class C felony and could carry up to 5 years in prison, plus fines. Gov. Christine Gregoire signed the bill into law on March 28th 2006, effectively turning thousands of peaceful residents into felons.

  Published on 06/18/2008

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