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"Meet the Press": New host likely Chris Matthews

"Meet the Press": New host likely Chris Matthews Tim Russert was regarded as a beacon of truth and honesty in the American press corps and an individual who sought out honesty in American politics with the diligence and effectiveness of a world class lawyer. Tim Russert loved politics, and the American public he represented in his quest to find the truth. Brian Williams, the anchor of “NBC Nightly News,” will be the moderator of “Meet the Press” this Sunday, taking the place of Tim Russert, who died last Friday, NBC News said. His guests will be Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, and Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., Democrat of Delaware, who were to have been Mr. Russert’s guests last Sunday.

 The long time host of the revered program Meet The Press is sorely missed, and speculation grows as to who will be his permanent successor on the show. Will anyone take on the role of moderator, or will the program not go on? With the public looking for answers regarding Meet The Press and who likely candidates are to host the show next, the online sportsbook, BetUS once again beat everyone to the punch and carefully analyzed all possibilities, providing interested site users with odds on who the next host might be. Analysts at BetUS posted the following odds on the next Meet The Press host:

Chris Matthews 2/1
George Stephanopoulos 3/1
Brian Williams 6/1
Tom Brokaw 10/1
Andrea Mitchell 20/1
Field 5/1
Juan Williams 30/1
Andrew Sullivan 40/1
Robert Samuelson 15/11
Stuart Taylor 11/1
Thomas Mann 11/1
Tucker Carlson 50/1
Paul Begala 50/1
Barbara Walters 60/1
Billy Bush 100/1
Star Jones 500/1

  Published on 06/19/2008

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