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Worm Charming: 29th Annual World Championship odds

Worm Charming: 29th Annual World Championship odds to win Worm charming, a way of attracting earthworms from the ground, usually performed to collect bait for fishing, is now a competitive sport in the U.K., and gets its own odds, as well. What most people in the world consider a way to get some bait for fishing has turned into a professional sport in in Cheshire, U.K. The Worm Charming event, first devised by Mr. John Bailey as a fund raising event, is now a full-fledged event, a trophy in the shape of a golden rampant worm is awarded to the person charming the most worms from their plot in thirty minutes. The rules are just eighteen, including the plot size each competitor is given (3x3 metre per new rules) and that no digging could occur - the worms need be charmed with vibrations only, time frame of 30 minutes. The current world record, as listed by Guinness World Records, was established at that first event with teenager Tom Shufflebotham collecting 511 worms in 30 minutes.

 And yes, you guessed it, there are betting odds on the Worm Charming Championship, posted by the British online bookmaker Paddy Power. You can bet on the most worms charmed during the 9th Annual World Championship, between 301 and 400 being the favourite outcome at 2/1. Here is the full list of the most worms charmed this year:

201 - 300 Odds: 7/4
301 - 400 2/1
100 - 200 9 /4
401 - 500 4/1
Over 500 10/1
Less than 100 12 - 1

 Or you can bet on the heaviest worm in this year's charming championship - 
4.6 - 5g: Odds 7/4; Over 5g 3/1; 4.1 - 4.5g 7/2; 3.6 - 4g 4/1; Under 3g 6/1 and 3 - 3.5g would pay out on odds 8/1.

 Published on 06/24/2008

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