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2008 NBA Draft: Mock draft, top prospects and draft order

2008 NBA Draft: Mock draft, top prospects and draft order Two days away from the 2008 NBA Draft and here you will find everything you may need to prepare yourself, including a mock draft, the top prospects, odds, predictions and the draft order. But first and foremost - the 2008 NBA Draft start time - 7:00pm EST on Thursday, June 26th and you can catch it live on ESPN from Madison Square Garden, NY. For the purpose of this article, we will look at the draft order and have a mock draft on the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft.

 As the base for our 2008 NBA Mock Draft we decided to do something a bit different - we have taken the most favorite players to be picked during the NBA Draft, according to the bookmakers, i.e. those with the shortest odds. When you think about it, it's one thing a guy makes his own mock draft and post it on his website, but a totally different scenario when the odds makers have literally millions of dollars riding on the way they prepare the favorite picks. Bottom line, if someone has to be extremely careful when preparing their mock draft - it has to be the odds makers. To make the 2008 NBA Draft predictions even more accurate, we have taken the odds of the popular online sportsbook BodogSports, i.e. the one which will get the most wagers on this year's NBA draft.

 How does the 2008 NBA Mock Draft works: We have arranged the basketball teams by their draft order. Next to them is the top prospect (the favorite player to be drafted as that pick), the odds offered on the prospect and the player with the second best odds. This way you could get the 2008 NBA Draft order and our mock draft, all at the same time. If you want to place a wager on the 2008 NBA Draft, visit BodogSports for more information. Here is the 2008 NBA Draft order of the first 14 picks, which was determined by lottery, as well as the mock draft:

1. Chicago Bulls - favorite pick is Derrick Rose (Memphis) with odds -700, second favorite pick is Michael Beasley (Kansas State) with odds +400. The Chicago Bulls, with only a 1.7% chance, won the rights to the number one pick. The Bulls winning the lottery is the second biggest upset in NBA Draft Lottery history behind the Orlando Magic winning in 1993 with just a 1.5% chance.

2. Miami Heat - Draft Michael Beasely and Keep him (odds 1/3) or Trade Pick or Draft Michael Beasley and Trade him (even odds)
3. Minnesota Timberwolves - O.J Mayo (4/13), second favorite pick Brook Lopez (15/4)
4. Seattle SuperSonics - Jerryd Bayless (4/5), second favorite pick Brook Lopez (7/4)
5. Memphis Grizzlies  - Kevin Love (4/7), Eric Gordon (5/2)
6. New York Knicks - Russell Westbrook (5/6), Danilo Gallinari (1/1)
7. Los Angeles Clippers - Eric Gordon (10/3), Russell Westbrook (3/1)
8. Milwaukee Bucks - Joe Alexander (1/3), any other (11/4)
9. Charlotte Bobcats - Brook Lopez (10/11), Donte Greene (11/2)
10. New Jersey Nets - Danilo Gallinari (27/20), any other player (1/2)
11. Indiana Pacers - DJ Augustin (13/10), Anthony Randolph (4/1)
12. Sacramento Kings - Anthony Randolph (3/2), Roy Hibbert (3/1)
13. Portland Trail Blazers - Brandon Rush (7/4), Nicolas Batum (10/1)
14. Golden State Warriors - Kosta Koufos (1/1), Darrell Arthur (9/2)

 Published on 06/24/2008

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