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Nevada reporting huge casino profits

The recent reports of the casinos in Nevada show that the profit from revenue for 2006 has risen almost 9% compared to the year before. The dollar amount of the profits for 2006 by the casinos was $2.1 billion, with the famous Las Vegas Strip accounting for more than half of it. The total revenue generated by the casinos was a little over $24 billion. The state got a cut of a little over $928 million in the form of gambling taxes and licenses.

In the casino, the slots are still the king of profits - accounting for over 67% of the total revenue. Poker rooms, although most popular, have the smallest share of close to 1.5%.

The numbers for year 2007 will look even better, according to some analysts. This could due be in part to the efforts of the US DOJ to rid of online gambling and bring the tax money lost to Internet gaming back to the pockets of the local land based casinos.

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