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Mobile Casino: Put all the casino games in your pocket

Mobile Casino: Put all the casino games in your pocket A long list of online sportsbooks have offered mobile betting for quite a while, but a new kid's in town - the mobile casino. And the best one we have seen so far ought to be the Bodog Mobile Casino (click to see it or get it). Be one of the first to play our Mobile Casino games. Using your existing Bodog player account information, you have the freedom to play the casino games on your mobile device anytime, anywhere. The gambling website has a long list of supported devices, whether you own a phone or a PDA, chances are you would be able to get the mobile casino, anywhere in the world, except Canada. The mobile casino software is free to use and download, but in order to play the casino games for real money, you will have to open an account with Bodog. Any additional charges that you may incur relate to the data fees and roaming fees applied by your network provider. We recommend that you contact your provider for more information.

 Many may also wonder what would happen if the phone rings while you are gambling at the Bodog mobile casino. According to the website, your phone will receive calls or SMS as normal while you are using the mobile application. Incoming calls and SMS temporarily interrupt the activity of the mobile application but no information is lost since all your information and betting details are held on the gaming server. When you return to the mobile application you will be able to pick up at the point where you were interrupted by the call or SMS. To get more answers or to download the mobile casino to your phone or PDA, visit Bodog today.

 Published on 07/09/2008

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