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Baltimore Orioles scout linked to gambling probe

Baltimore Orioles scout linked to gambling probe A scout for the Baltimore Orioles has been linked to a sports betting probe, it was reported by SI. According to an anonymous source cited by the publication, Alan Marr's name surfaced in a report from Major League Baseball's investigative unit, created earlier this year in response to George Mitchell's report on doping in baseball. The investigative unit is working with the FBI as part of an inquiry into illegal gambling, as well as skimming money from Latin-American players' bonuses. Alan Marr is a well-known scout who is credited with signing pitcher Joe Nathan while working for the San Francisco Giants in 1995. The scout was fired last week by the Orioles, but no reason was given and the club declined to comment. At this point reports indicate that Marr was not involved in any game-fixing.

 Published on 07/12/2008

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