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Online gambling should be legalized, study says

Online gambling should be legalized, study says Online gambling should be legalized in the United States and Canada, according to a new study results. The study conducted by the University of Western Ontario in Canada and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas urges the governments in both countries to consider regulating online gambling in order to contain its possible negative effects.

 For the online gambling study 20 regular casino gamblers and 10 regular online gamblers were interviewed and the results derived show that online gamblers tend to bet more often and more aggressively than those at the land-based casinos. People who engage in gambling online could also easily hide their addiction, than those gambling at the local casinos. The study also suggests that the governments in the U.S. and Canada should encourage large gambling companies, like those that run the major Las Vegas casinos, be the leaders of a regulated online gambling market. More on the Web at

 Published on 07/15/2008

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