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Three found guilty in UK casino gambling scam

A gambling group of three people were found guilty by a British court for defrauding some of the top UK casinos out of quarter million pounds. The gang, living in London, used small cameras and miniature earpieces to help them win on poker games. They used the cameras to monitor the poker games, and send the footage via Bluetooth to a partner in a van outside the casino, who in turns, was telling the player on which hands to bet. Because of the high numbers of games they have won - the casino security of Mint Casino started paying a very close attention to the group. Despite the fact that a crime like that is very difficult to prove, but after hours of surveillance, the casino had enough recorded material to press charges.

All three of the cheaters pleaded guilty to cheating at play, and one received a nine month sentence and the other two - suspended sentences. The scam seemed to be bulletproof, but because the gang got too greedy - their astonishing luck did draw enough attention for the casino to initiate a surveillance.

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