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Vacation bonuses bring in the players at the online casinos

 It is very useful knowledge to know that one of the things that determine which online casinos players will play in is their available bonus features. A new thing that is making the players excited is the use of a trip within the online casinos featured bonuses. Monaco Gold Casino does this with their famous trip to Monaco and other online casinos do almost the same.

 It seems that it is really the poker rooms that are understanding the importance of using trips as reinforcements for their valued costumers. In Poker Plex, an offering its winners bonus vacations on a tournament that is beginning July 10. These trips may send online casinos players to Caribbean to be baked in the sun enjoy great food and stay in classy hotels. The Caribbean package includes a nine night stay at the St. Kitt’s Marriot Resort which is valued at $1,300 a night. Also, the winning online casinos player will get cash into their poker account which will allow them to have an extra $1,000 as playing money.

 Online casinos everywhere have shown that this vacation bonus brings in the players and statistics show that those online casinos that feature free trips make more money. Bernard Fal, a statistician from the State of California has stated that the numbers do not lie about the revenues. “Online casinos that feature a vacation bonus or even just an option to win a vacation will generate more profit”, is what Fal had to say. Fal has also claimed that this may be because the psychology of online casinos players seeks the idealistic. There is nothing more wonderful then winning lots of money and then going to a get away island to enjoy all of it and to get away from troubles. It is part of the way the story goes: person wins lottery and goes on magnificent vacations. Now online casinos can use it as a marketing tool and prove their online casinos players with an even more desired win.

 The online casinos poker tournament is said to be a single-table tournament and it will be available twenty four hours a day for seven days in the week. Online casinos players are also fascinated by the idea that they can win money and a vacation together. That way they will not have to use their winnings to pay for a vacation. Online casinos everywhere are excited by this new marketing technique that many companies are using and Fal states it will cause the gaming industry to grow even more in the near future. Now that online casinos are realizing the success of using such techniques, they are sure to use them as much as possible. Monaco Gold Casino is an example that has tremendous success with using the trip to Monaco as a bonus. Players just love it and they not only get the trip to Monaco but get $1000 welcome bonus as well. This could be one of the reasons for this casino’s magnificent success. Note that Monaco Gold casino does not allow U.S. players to gamble with them.

 Published on 08/25/2008

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