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Virtual players at the virtual casinos

 Not so long ago, people went to brick and mortar casinos for some gambling fun. They dressed up nicely, picked up their friends and went to a fancy casino, and had a great night out. These nights still exist, but ever since the upcoming of online casinos, they became a lot rarer. Nowadays, you can just stay in your pajamas or even your underwear, log on to one of the thousands of online casinos on the internet and start playing your favorite online casinos game with players from all over the world. Sure, this can be just as much fun, but now there is something new on the horizon: gambling bots. Bots are computerized players, designed to play on behalf of the real live players. The question is; why would you let a robot play all the great online casinos games? What's the fun in that?

It seems that the human edge is disappearing, not only on the side of online casinos, where computerized dealers serve the players, but even the players themselves become computerized.

In 2006, the phenomenon of online casinos bots will become more and more popular with the players. It’s not really a robot sitting behind you're computer, it's a software, which you can buy in several places on the internet, which you install on your computer and pretends to be you. It's using your money for wagering in online casinos. This has many advantages; a robot doesn't get tired, isn't influenced by any emotions and (even though it's hard to accept for many) they are smarter than we are. There is, however, a big disadvantage; they are taking away your fun!

Some might say, that the biggest fun of online casinos, is actually winning a lot of money while playing them. Other gambling experts say this is not fun, this means you're addicted. The truth lies probably somewhere in the middle. The essential goal of playing in online casinos (same as in land-based casinos) is to enjoy and have a good time, winning is something that adds to having a good time.

The operators of the online casinos are taking the bots very serious and they are trying to assure players a bot-free environment in their online casinos. This is, however, hard to achieve, since they act like real players.

CptPokr is the latest software or casino bot from Win Hold'em. This bot is designed to win online casinos games for players, so that the players don't have to make any crucial decisions. The bot is applying mathematical strategy in the online casinos, and is supposed to come up with the best possible play given all the options and choices while playing games in online casinos.

However you look at it, it's still a strange concept. Would you send a computerized person to a land-based casino, pick up your friends' robots and let them go to the casino to have a great time, while gambling with your money?

 Published on 08/28/2008

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