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Is it safe to play online casinos

 Probably the most asked online gambling question by players new to the Internet entertainment is whether it is safe to play at the online casinos. Unfortunately, there is no one word answer to this question, it could be safe and it could be quite dangerous. The first thing you should know about gambling online is the best place to find the right websites. We have created a short list of the best online casinos and you can follow the link to see our selection. These online casinos are indeed safe to play at, as well as the advertisers on this page.

 What makes them safe, you ask? First, they are all ran by reputable companies, firms which are in for the long run and are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their customers and offer the best player experience an online casino could provide. Second, they will not toy with your personal information or sell it to third parties. This is important, as all of us hate to get spam (by mail or email). These online casinos are safe to play, because your confidential information is exactly that - confidential. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of gambling websites which turn out to be fronts for petty criminals who are after your credit card information. This type of fake online casinos not only give bad reputation to the sector, but also are the biggest challenge people can face when choosing a safe and secure online casino to play a few hands of blackjack or spin the slots reels.

 Which brings us to our final point in online gambling safety - honesty and reliability. There are bad online casinos which will not sell or steal your information, but would simply cheat you out of your winnings. You can win a few thousands at an unsafe online casino and request a withdrawal, only so the casino can come with some excuse of not paying you or give you "the check is in the mail" routine.

 So yes, it is safe to play online casinos, but you have to do a bit of homework and not just jump at the first online gambling website you see. We recommend you visit our list, which although a tad small than some other gambling portals can offer, is compiled of only 100% safe and honest casinos.

 Published on 09/22/2008

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