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NFL Week 5 odds and betting on the football games

 Less than a day away from the NFL Week 5 games, we will take a final look at the odds and point spread on the upcoming match-ups. For the best odds on the NFL Week 5 games we turn to the online sportsbook Bookmaker, where we find the Indianapolis Colts -170 favorite against the Houston Texans, who are +150 odds underdog. The odds on the NFL Week 5 game Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens are favoring the Titans at -140 and the Ravens are at +120, quite an improvement, after giving hard time to the Steelers last week. At Bookmaker the Chargers are odds favorite at -165 against the Dolphins and the Panthers are -450 to beat the Chiefs in NFL Week 5.

 The Steelers will welcome the Redskins and Pittsburgh is expected to win the game with odds -265, while Washington is underdog with odds +225. The sportsbook is also favoring the Bears in Week 5 at -175, when the visit the Lions in Detroit, who are holding on dog odds +155, after a disappointing performance in the regular season. The Atlanta Falcons finally managed to get a betting line, but at +160 they are no peach, while their opponent, the Packers, should be comfortable in Georgia with odds -190 on winning their NFL Week 5 game. The NY Giants are -325 to win their game against the Seahawks (+275) and at Bookmaker the Patriots have finally caught a favorite line -170 against the 49ers, who are underdog with odds +150. To see the rest of the NFL Week 5 odds, visit Bookmaker.

 Published on 10/04/2008

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