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NewGoldenCasino - not a new online casino

 Most of the people gambling online at one point or another have been and are customers of the popular online casino "Golden Casino", but a flood of emails to the Online Gambling Paper is calling for an explanation on what's going on with the domain name of this gambling website. Following the Kentucky legal request of 141 online gambling domain names, a final decision on that legal case still pending, the folks behind the GoldenCasino decided to take practice steps and prepare themselves in case the decision is against the online gambling industry and the domains end up being handed over to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

 The domain name, temporarily given to the Commonwealth, is still operational, but the gambling company has already transferred all software and changed all links to point to their new domain, Judging from the emails we have received a lot of people are questioning the new domain, thinking they are being spammed or scammed into visiting a fake online casino. So don't worry folks, the is indeed the new domain name of the popular online casino Golden Casino. At this time we are uncertain to what will happen if the legal decision is against the Commonwealth of Kentucky, speculations are that both the old and new domain name for the online casino will remain active in the future.

 Published on 10/14/2008

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