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Popular online casino offers more than gambling

 When you think about online casinos and gambling, the simple software is the first and often the last thing that comes to mind. The case could not be further from the truth with the popular online casino Bodog (official website), which is also known for providing quality sports betting and poker services. But for the purpose of this article, we will look at one of the casino offers you would hardly find anywhere else - the casino school.

 The Bodog online casino has created and offers free of any charges a casino gambling school, which is aimed at people who are new to gambling in general and those who would like to learn more about how the different casino games are played. Blackjack, baccarat, craps and many more games are thoroughly explained in simple terms with examples for each game and the best part - you don't have to be a customer of the online casino in order to take advantage of the casino school. The articles and guides are now made widely and freely available on their website. Want to test your newly acquired gambling knowledge? The online casino has a free-play option, simply download the gambling software and instead of opening a real money account, select the "play for free" option and gamble with fake money. An awesome way to see if you understood the casino game rules correctly.

 And if you are ready to play the popular online casino for real money, simply switch to a "real money" account and get 10% bonus on every deposit you make with the online gambling website. What better way to combine the free casino school service with the real casino?

 Published on 11/03/2008

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