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Deposit at online casinos equals jumping through hoops

 If you enjoy online gambling and in particular frequent the online casinos, the fact that in order to deposit at the casino you often need to jump through hoops is nothing new for you. But if you are just getting into online gambling and try to make a deposit at an online casino, you must feel frustrated. Unfortunately, little could be changed in the near future, as far as ease of depositing money at the online casinos is concerned.

 Due to U.S. regulations and the banks unwillingness to deal with online gambling websites, in the past couple of years it has become extremely hard (and in some cases impossible) to make a deposit at the online casinos with credit card or a debit card. Except the Bodog Online Casino, the success rate of credit card deposits at the casino websites is practically zero. Due to its high volume and profitability, Bodog manages to have a high successful deposit rate with credit and debit cards, but this doesn't come without drawbacks. With so many people playing with Bodog, the payouts are slower than average, although just recently the gambling company (which also offers sports betting services and poker) announced that it had managed to cut its withdrawal processing times in half. But other popular online casinos are still struggling to find credit card processors to support their high volumes.

 So what are the depositing options presented in front of today's player by most online casinos? The third-party transaction processors are still the best option, which does work almost 100% of the time, but it also comes with its own drawback - slow initial processing. eWalletXpress is the most popular third-party money processor for the online casinos, however, initial verification of your new account's deposit is required, which takes about 3 business days. So if you are a complete newbie and want to open a casino account, it will take at least 3 days until you can start playing, a big setback for many gamblers. Also important is that eWalletXpress does not offer credit card funding, rather bank account transfers only.

 For credit card deposits, the situation is a bit dire, as there is no major processor that would work with all online casinos, in the same way eWalletXpress does. Check with the cashier at your preferred online casino for their own third-party processors or simply email the casino customer service for help.

 Published on 12/02/2008

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