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Online casino gives the Holiday bonuses a welcomed boost

 With Christmas shopping over, one online casino is giving its players the chance to get an unexpected and much appreciated present of its own. The popular Golden Casino, one of the most visited casino gambling websites in North America, is putting up for grabs $40,000 in prizes each day until the end of 2008, as part of their December to Remember Holiday promotion. Each day players at the popular online casino will have the chance to snatch a piece of the $40K in bonuses, a much welcomed cash prizes, especially if you have a big family. The online casino, whose slots machines have paid over 10 million in bonuses over the past 2 years, will close the book on this one with over $200,000 in tournament prizes and bonuses, as well. Slots and vide poker tournaments will be ongoing every day until the start of 2009 and most of them will have a free-roll style entry or small buy-ins around $10. Don't miss the chance to strike it big this year at the Golden Casino and remember that all new players will get a match-up bonus of up to $555 at this online casino.

 Published on 12/25/2008

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