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UFC 92 Odds: Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson betting odds

UFC 92 Odds: Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson betting odds The UFC 92 event tomorrow will put an end to this year's MMA fights with a great line-up and we have the latest betting odds offered on the major fights, including Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin and Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva. The UFC 92 tomorrow in Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the best fight cards this year, something guaranteed to turn fans into bettors really quick. For our UFC 92 odds preview we have chosen the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker (official website), where people from all over the world can bet on all ten UFC 92 fights.

 So today we will start with a look at the betting odds on the two fights for titles. In the first one Frank Mir will face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. A lot could be said about Mir entering this bout against the Brazilian fighter, but the odds makers at Bookmaker did it best - Frank Mir is a big underdog with odds +290 to win this UFC 92 fight, while Nogueira will face the local fighter as an ultimate favorite with odds -360. But if Mir is able to pull one of his usual submissions, the odds on Frank Mir make for a great payout on a possible upset. MMA experts, however, have agreed with the bookmakers and give Mir little chance against Antonio Nogueira on Sunday.

 Moving on to another UFC 92 fight with heavy betting expected - Rashad Evans vs. Forrest Griffin. Unlike the previous fight, the Evans vs. Griffin odds are much different. The guys at Bookmaker are currently favoring Griffin to come out with a win on Saturday with odds -140, but Michigan's Rashad Evans is not far behind with +110 underdog odds, which could easily be slashed if betting action reflects the opinion of the many MMA websites, which predict Evans to be the winner of this UFC 92 bout. And finally, another great UFC 92 match-up, Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva, where the odds are even more unpredictable, which is normal considering the bad blood between the two. Currently at Bookmaker the odds on the Jackson vs. Silva fight are favoring Wanderlei Silva at -135, but the odds on Quinton Jackson were just upgraded to +105 and it's not impossible to go to EVEN by the end of the night, even though Silva has beaten Jackson twice already. Again, MMA experts are going against the odds makers and predicting that Quinton Jackson will finally get his victory over Silva in their third and likely final bout. If you also like the current underdogs of these two fights, you better lock these odds soon, as they surely won't last long.

 Here are the odds on the rest of the UFC 92 odds, as posted by the online sportsbook Bookmaker:

DOLLAWAY - - -160


DEAN LISTER - - +320

MIKE WESSEL - - +275

REESE ANDY - - +315
MATT HAMILL - - -385

RYO CHONAN - - -170

DAN EVENSEN - - +185
PAT BARRY - - -225

 Published on 12/26/2008

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