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Bodog online casino gets loose this month, are we lucky?

 Bodog Casino, one of the most popular online gambling websites in the world, has become extra loose this month, perfect timing, considering the current condition of the economies world-wide. Known for its big winners, the Bodog online casino has spawn an extra set of lucky gamblers this week alone. For example, from players who have visited the gambling website through OGPaper, L.S. from Indiana won $14,595 in Caribbean Stud Poker and $5,868 in Prince of Sherwood last night alone, according to Bodog management. And just a couple of days prior to this big winner, M.C. from NY won $10,099 in Blackjack, a game long proven to have the best odds against the house. Bodog is a website which advertises on OGPaper and naturally its management keep an eye on the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and alerts us if there are big winners coming from our website. Needless to say with big winners like those coming from OGPaper advertisements, Bodog may soon decide to stop their ad campaigns with us :) You can read the full review of Bodog Casino or visit the website to play the games which brought big bank to the players this week.

 Published on 02/10/2009

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