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Japan online gambling under consideration

 The Japanese government is looking closely into legalizing online gambling in the country, according to various news sources. According to the reports, Japan is looking to open the online gambling market around 2010 in attempt to bring money to the country's tax coffers. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan is said to have opened talks with some of the world's largest online gambling operators, although legislation process may take a few years to end the full circle. The Japanese government is looking to legalize the online gambling market, while it applies strict regulations along with ensuring help for battling gambling problems.

 This is a welcome news for the online gambling companies, who have long eyed the undeveloped Japanese gambling market as a potential gold mine. With over 128 million people living in the country and boasting one of the highest gross domestic product in the world, there would be no shortage of people in Japan willing to add online gambling to their list of online entertainment. And although final legislation is years away, online casinos and other gambling companies are already gearing up to meet the demands of both the Japanese government and gamblers alike.

 Published on 02/13/2009

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