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Blackjack iPhone app gets Nevada casinos attention

 A new application for the iPhone which allows users to effectively card-count during a blackjack game has got the attention of the casinos in Las Vegas. Initially, personnel at the the Indian casinos in California discovered the use of the blackjack iPhone app by some of their patrons and alerted the local gaming authorities. Obviously the blackjack counting program works so good, the Nevada Gaming Control Board issued a memo to the state's casinos to keep an eye for customers using the app to beat the house. Card counting is not illegal in the state of Nevada, but using electronic devices to do so is considered a felony in the state. Most gamblers are well aware that blackjack is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge and by counting cards at the casinos, players will have a better chance to recognize a potential winning hand.

 Published on 02/16/2009

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