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Sports betting may be legal in Delaware for football season

 Sports betting could be legalized in Delaware in time for the new football season, if Governor Jack Markell has his way through the legislature. The sports betting proposal is expected to enter the legislative process in the state next week, after Markell made true on his promise to have the sports betting bill as one of the first pieces of legislature introduced in the local Senate after the lawmakers reconvene this year. If passed, Delaware will be the first state on the East Coast with legalized sports betting. The proposed bill will legalize a sports betting lottery-style, i.e. people will be able to wager parlay style bets on sporting events. Reports also suggest that the sports betting lottery could be up and running before the 2009 NFL season begins this fall.

 "Our policy on this issue has been consistent for decades. We have been an active proponent of federal and state legislation that prohibits the spread of legal sports gambling. We do not want our games used as bait," was the comment NFL spokesman Greg Aiello gave ESPN about the possible legal sports betting in Delaware. The League is one of the most fierce opponents of sports betting, claiming the wagers would interfere with the integrity of the football games. Many believe, however, that the real reason NFL opposes legal sports betting is because the League will not be able to get a piece of the pie.

 Published on 03/12/2009

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