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Odds to win 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Championship

 While most of the bettors stay focused on the March Madness, now it's a great time to check the odds on who will win the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference. And if we exclude the ultimate favorite to win the Eastern Conference Championship, there is plenty of value to be found. For the purpose of giving you the best odds on the NBA Championships, we will take a look at the betting numbers posted by two of the most popular sports betting websites. Starting with the odds to win 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Championship posted by the online sportsbook BodogSports, we find a bit of a shift from the earlier odds - the favorite to win the NBA Eastern Conference this season is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are sitting on odds 6/7 to lock in the title. The Cavaliers are followed by the current champ Boston Celtics, who will pay on even odds 1/1. The Orlando Magic offers a great payout of they win the Eastern Conference this year, they are listed with odds to win of 6/1. And if the Miami Heat win the Eastern Conference Championships, bettors will be paid 20 to 1. The underdogs at BodogSports to win the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference are the Toronto Raptors with 1000/1 and the Charlotte Bobcats at 500/1. You can see here the NBA odds on the current games.

 A little more value for your bet can be found at the sports betting website Bookmaker, especially if you looking to bet on the Eastern Conference favorites. At Bookmaker the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics are both listed with odds +150 to win the Championships and if you plan on betting on the two, we recommend you choose this online sportsbook. Orlando Magic are better represented at this bookie, however, paying out on only +415 odds, while the Miami Heat will break the bank if they win the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference - Miami will pay out on +1600 odds. The Toronto Raptors are also the ultimate underdog in the Eastern Conference this season, sitting on +9000 odds to win the Championship, while the Indiana Pacers come second from the bottom with odds +7500. Visit the online sportsbooks mentioned here to see the odds to win the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Championship of all basketball teams.

 Published on 03/15/2009

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