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2009 NCAA Tournament picks and brackets predictions

2009 NCAA Tournament picks and brackets predictions  The 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway after yesterday the selection results were announced, now it's time to look at the March Madness picks and bracket predictions. For the best 2009 NCAA brackets predictions and picks we go to the top source of game results predicting - the odds makers. At the end, who has better NCAA Tournament picks than the people who got millions of dollars riding on their predictions? We have divided the 2009 NCAA Tournament predictions into the same category they cam out during the Sunday selection, to make it easier to follow the bracket picks. Also, as a bracket prediction we consider the pick to be the team with the favorite odds, as posted by the popular online sportsbook Bookmaker (where you can also bet on all March Madness insanity). So here are the 2009 NCAA Tournament picks and bracket predictions:

2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Picks:
#1 Pittsburgh vs. #16 E. Tennessee St., Pick is PITTSBURGH
#8 Oklahoma State vs. #9 Tennessee, Pick is TENNESSEE
#5 Florida State vs. #12 Wisconsin, Pick is FLORIDA STATE
#4 Xavier vs. #13 Portland State, Pick is XAVIER
#6 UCLA vs. #11 VCU, Pick is UCLA
#3 Villanova vs. #14 American, Pick is VILLANOVA
#7 Texas vs. #10 Minnesota, Pick is TEXAS
#2 Duke vs. #15 Binghamton, Pick is DUKE
#1 Connecticut vs. #16 Chattanooga, Pick is CONNECTICUT
#8 BYU vs. #9 Texas A&M, Pick is BYU 
#5 Purdue vs. #12 Northern Iowa, Pick is PURDUE 
#4 Washington vs. #13 Mississippi State, Pick is WASHINGTON 
#6 Marquette vs. #11 Utah State, Pick is MARQUETTE 
#3 Missouri vs. #14 Cornell, Pick is MISSOURI 
#7 California vs. #10 Maryland, Pick is unknown
#2 Memphis vs. #15 Cal State-Northridge, Pick is MEMPHIS 
#1 Louisville vs. #16 Alabama St.-Morehead St., Pick is DUKE
#8 Ohio State vs. #9 Siena, Pick is OHIO STATE 
#5 Utah vs. #12 Arizona, Pick is ARIZONA 
#4 Wake Forest vs. #13 Cleveland State, Pick is WAKE FOREST 
#6 West Virginia vs. #11 Dayton, Pick is WEST VIRGINIA 
#3 Kansas vs. #14 North Dakota State, Pick is KANSAS 
#7 Boston College vs. #10 USC, Pick is USC 
#2 Michigan State vs. #15 Robert Morris, Pick is MICHIGAN STATE 
#1 North Carolina vs. #16 Radford, Pick is NORTH CAROLINA 
#8 LSU vs. #9 Butler, Pick is LSU 
#5 Illinois vs. #12 Western Kentucky, Pick is ILLINOIS 
#4 Gonzaga vs. #13 Akron, Pick is GONZAGA 
#6 Arizona State vs. #11 Temple, Pick is ARIZONA STATE 
#3 Syracuse vs. #14 Stephen F. Austin, Pick is SYRACUSE 
#7 Clemson vs. #10 Michigan, Pick is CLEMSON 
#2 Oklahoma vs. #15 Morgan State, Pick is OKLAHOMA 

 Here you have it, the 2009 NCAA Tournament bracket predictions in the first round of the March Madness games. Of course, there is a small chance that all the games will result along the NCAA picks above, but you now have the best bracket predictions available on the internet without spending a dime. The odds makers at the online sportsbook Bookmaker, as well as at other good sports betting websites, have much more at stake than any other handicapper out there, that's what makes these 2009 NCAA Tournament picks priceless. Naturally, you should not go out and bet all the picks on your March Madness brackets, instead use them as the template to fill in your perditions for the brackets outcome of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament. And if you want to give your own NCAA brackets a shot - head on to Bookmaker and sign up for an account to join their free bracket contest with grand prize of $7,700.

 Published on 03/16/2009

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