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Sports betting trends: NBA and NHL most bet on games this month

 Despite the opening of the MLB season and the 2009 Masters underway, the sports betting trends so far this month show that NBA is still the king, followed by the NHL bets. Checking with the current bets at popular online sportsbooks, such as Bookmaker and BodogSports, we were surprised to find that even though MLB bets are now accumulating, despite of the season opening the bettors still prefer the NBA games, as well as hockey betting.

 And what's even more shocking is the small number of wagers placed on the 2009 Masters, which is currently underway in Augusta, GA. Because of Tiger Woods favorite status or despite of it, not much sports betting is going on on the golf tournament's front. Either bettors are tired of the very short odds offered on Tiger Woods every time he enters a major golf competition or simply fail to realize the value the rest of the field offers, but betting on the Masters is down right pathetic. We would have also expected the MLB season to start big, but so far not as much betting on the baseball games as one would have thought. The Rangers vs. Tigers game is currently the top bet on game in the MLB line-up, followed by the Cubs @ Brewers and Yankees vs. Royals.

 Published on 04/10/2009

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