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Odds to win 2009 Stanley Cup: NHL Playoffs odds Stanley Cup 09

 We are now gearing up for the NHL Playoffs, the best time to check out the latest odds to win the 2009 Stanley Cup and place some bets on the teams competing for the 09 Stanley Cup glory. As usual, when it comes to future odds on major sporting events we go to our favorite online sports betting website, Bookmaker, where you can find the best odds not just on the NHL Playoffs, but any other sport. At the bookie we find that a small change has occurred and now we have a new favorite to win the 09 Stanley Cup. Prior to the NHL Playoffs, we had the Detroit Redwings running the show almost all season as favorite to double down on the hockey trophy, but now we have a new one. At Bookmaker the favorite hockey team to win the 2009 Stanley Cup is now the San Jose Shark, who are sitting on top odds +240 to become the NHL Champion. The Detroit Red Wings are now holding second-best odds at +245, although the 5-point difference is clearly just semantics at this point in the NHL playoffs. Still, the Shark fans do have the bragging rights as favorite team to win the Stanley Cup this year.

 The Boston Bruins are distant third on the betting sheets with the online sportsbook, holding odds +450 to win the Stanley Cup 09, followed by the Washington Capitals with odds +550 on championship this season. If you are looking for the odds on the Pittsburgh Penguins to win the Stanley Cup, you will find them set at +900, while the Canucks will pay out on +1200 if they go through the NHL playoffs to win the Stanley Cup. The top underdogs before the playoffs are the Columbus Blue Jackets who will face the Red Wings in the first-round playoffs, as well as St. Louis Blues who are meeting the Canucks for their playoffs, both underdog teams with odds +3000 to win the 2009 Stanley Cup. To see the full list of the odds on the 09 Stanley Cup or to bet the NHL playoffs, visit Bookmaker.

 Published on 04/15/2009

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