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Jackpot at Las Vegas USA online casino close to $1 million

 There is nothing like the progressive jackpots at the online casinos and at one of the most visited casinos now the jackpot is inching closer to a million dollars. At the Las Vegas USA online casino (official website) the progressive jackpot for the two slots "Mid-Life Crisis" and "Shopping Spree" is now at $940,000+ and getting closer and closer to a million bucks! The two slot machines share the same progressive jackpot so customers of the popular online casino could opt in to play at either of the two while going for the same gigantic jackpot win.

 The jackpots for the two slots used to hover around the high $200K before someone won them, but after combining them recently under one big win, the jackpot has swollen enormously and is bound to make one lucky player a millionaire in a matter of seconds. And with the minimum bet of just 25 cents to qualify for the jackpot win, the payout is out of this world. If you plan on playing some online casinos this weekend you may want to consider visiting the Las Vegas USA online casino and give the almost million dollars a shot. Keep in mind that the online casino also offer 125% sign-up bonus for new players, which can also be used to play at any of the two progressive jackpot slots.

 Published on 04/18/2009

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