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The online betting on the global warming is on

The bets are on, and this time they are placed on the global warming impacts. The online gambling website BetUS (click to visit) has opened the betting season for any of the scientists which are ready to back their words and predications with a wager.

Betting on global warmingThe best odds on the global warming betting so far are that Cape Cod will be submerged by 2015 with "+30000". If Manhattan is submerged by 12/31/11 this will win you $10,000 for each $100 you bet, and the smallest odds are for Florida - underwater by 12/31/11 will give you only $1000 to the $100 you may bet.

Other interesting betting odds are also included, such as betting on the cause of the global warming (proved beyond scientific doubt), if the polar bears would become extinct by 2010, or you can bet on the chances that a car, which runs entirely on water, will be mass produced by 2008.

To see the complete the list of all these crazy betting odds - click here.


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