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Online casino gets a face-lift, same big bonus

 One of the popular online casinos had finally gotten the much needed face-lift, although it still offers the biggest bonus available on the Internet. The Online Vegas casino has drastically changed its website over the week, offering more pizzazz to the future visitors of the popular online gambling website. One of the new online casinos, Online Vegas became famous with the gigantic bonus offer for new players - $5,000 for anyone who opens a new player account at the casino. While the majority of the online casinos will offer a bonus for new players based on the first deposit they make at the casinos, Online Vegas has taken the free money offer ten steps further, offering 10 match-up bonuses in a row for every new customer of the gambling company. Starting with $500 match up bonus on the first deposit, followed by two $300 matchups, and then the rest of the deposits could bring you as much as $1,000 every time you fund your account.

 But for a while not many folks were taking the offer of this casino for the simple fact that the gambling website did not look as offering anything different than the next online casino. This has all changed when this week the online casino unveiled a completely new look, a face-lift much needed to show the future players that this casino is indeed very different then the next. Brand new look and the same ole' big bonus offer make this online casino a must visit for gamblers looking to get the most free bonuses out of their money.

 Published on 05/22/2009

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