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NFL opposes online gambling, not just sports betting

Representatives from major amateur and professional leagues are against all forms of online gambling, including poker, and not just sports betting.

NFL online gamblingAccording to an article by Jessica Holzer from, Martin Gold, a lobbyist at Covington & Burling who represents the National Football League (NFL), stated in a letter sent by e-mail to the offices of Financial Services Committee members the following:

“Our sports organizations would very strongly oppose any effort to legalize any online sports gambling. We would also oppose any legislation that would legalize and regulate non-sports gambling online, because we do not believe that differential treatment of sports gambling and other gambling online would be sustainable in the current environment."

NFL Vice President Joe Browne confirms the view expressed by the lobbyist.

When did NFL become the Almighty of what we do at home, is unknown. Should we go and buy an "NFL-approved" cups and koozies before we watch the latest NFL game from the comfort of our own couches? How about the washing machine detergent, is there a brand that NFL does not approve me washing my socks with? The idea behind NFL telling us that they do not approve online poker or online blackjack is of the same ridicules proportion.

NFL did not stop by, or at least call, to ask me if I approve their new sponsor, so NFL has no right to tell me what they think I should do with my own money at my own house. When I had to fork out $70 on a NFL "original" jersey, when I could easily bought a "counterfeit" one for $10 - you better stay away from my at-home business.

Sure, we all enjoy a good NFL game, but we all pay for it by watching hidden and open advertisements such as of NFL's approved apparel; going as far as fining Urlacher $100,000 for wearing a hat with a sponsor not approved by NFL. So if I want to bet $10 on the next game - shut up and take it. You already make more than enough.

NFL would go on and on about how sports betting corrupts the games. No, it's not the bookmakers and bettors who corrupt the game.

Do you remember the Toledo point shaving scandal? Yeah, it was the bookmakers who blew the whistle, because it's in the sportsbooks' own interest to avoid any tampering with the games, as they would loose from it. But it was the player who took the bribes.

Even so, NFL has the right to say that they do not approve of people gambling on their games. But to tell us that we should not be playing online poker? That's way over the line. NFL's job is to provide us with countless hours of football entertainment, and that's it.


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